Alice Good Wife's Guide

I aim to help you with guidance and advice to become the perfect wife for your husband, ensuring you have a long happy harmonious marriage. I have been asked in the past if I am serious and the answer is yes, 100% serious, another question I am asked is what makes me qualified to give this advice, the answer is experience, after a failed marriage, unhappy relationships I can clearly see where things went wrong and how different things would have been if we had been given the advice I am able to give you today.

Petty arguments are one of the things that spoil a good relationship, they get out of hand, with lots of things said in the heat of the moment that cause great hurt and pain and then on reflection you know the argument was so petty you can’t believe it led to all those hurtful, painful words that can never be taken back or forgotten, next thing you know is it is too late and the rot has set in and a breakup is on the cards.

So by following my advice I believe that these petty arguments will become a thing of the past, your marriage/relationship will become much stronger and everybody will be happier.

None of the advice I will give is strange, I personally believe it is the way things are meant to be, “The True Order Of Things” as mother nature intended it to be.  It does not matter if you are not married but living with your partner this advice is every bit as important to you.

Remember ” A Good Wife Knows Her Place”